OMFG. This mock. SB bound SOON!

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OMFG. This mock. SB bound SOON!

Postby DeadRinger » Sun Mar 19, 2023 11:44 am

Guys I saw this and damn near shit my pants, I haven’t seen anything this good all off-season. I haven’t seen Carter sliding to 7, but I guess it’s possible with Carolina moving up, many QBs will be picked ahead of us.

Darnell Washington is a mountain of a TE who moves like a gazelle and if we got him in the 2nd we’d be striking gold and we’d have one of the best TEs in the league for 10 years.

And the Hooker in the 3rd?

If this was possible, and in my opinion all 3 of these first 3 picks are stretches to happen, this shit would set us up for massive success. Assuming Jalen Carter can stay out of jail. ... -early-fa/
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BETTER be a playoff win in 2022.

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