Watched any good movies or shows?

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Watched any good movies or shows?

Postby DeadRinger » Mon Nov 07, 2022 9:21 am

This season is over so what the hell?

So I usually watch the really weird stuff. I mean, my favorite movie is pulp Fiction. I can't stand predictable stuff.

For instance, I love The Peripheral on Prime. REALLY good show. Can't wait to get the new episodes on Fridays.

I also just got done with The Devil's Hour on Netflix. Really interesting, well-acted, really good.

I COULD NOT STAND Rings of Power. There wasn't a single character I liked in that entire show, it rewrote Middle Earth history in STUPID ways, it was AWFUL. Should never have been made.

I've heard House of the Dragon is great, I don't have HBO but I'd love to see it. I've seen 2 episodes and liked what I saw.

Going back a ways, I love The Boys on Prime. Sick shit, which makes it great. I mean, take a concept like super heroes, something every kid idolizes and looks up to, and twist it into something totally dark and fucked up, how can you go wrong with that?

But if I'm being honest, the BEST movie I've seen in a LONG time is the one I finished yesterday on Netflix, Enola Holmes 2. What a great ride, man. Millie Bobby Brown is a killer actress, and she should get a damn award for this one. The first Enola Holmes was good, but this one is much better. HIGHLY recommend it. But best to watch the first one first, of course. For those who don't know, Enola is supposed to be Sherlock's sister, and of course every bit as brilliant as Sherlock. It's basically a Sherlock Holmes movie with a funnier and more emotional star. It's really not the kind of thing in my normal wheelhouse but I LOVED it. Hated to see it end.
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BETTER be a playoff win in 2022.

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Re: Watched any good movies or shows?

Postby piratepride » Thu Dec 08, 2022 6:09 pm

Dead I just read this, and always looking to tell peeps about shows I like.
Have you seen Yellowstone? I’m m not into country at all, but damn is this a good fuckin show starring Kevin Costner.
1. 1883- it’s the prequel to Yellowstone, can be watched before or after Yellowstone but fuckin amazing too. It’s about early America and the early settlers in their way West dealing with Indians and shit. Cast is fucking amazing and reels you in after one or two episodes.
2- Tulsa King pretty decent show starring Sylvester Stallone

3. Your Honor- starting Bryan Cranston YouTube the trailer- first season is finished and next season about to start soon.

4. Mayor of Kingstown- YouTube the trailer
5. House of Dragons- I loved Game of Thrones too, just sort of like house of dragons, but still worth you watching the entire thing.
All these I’m telling you about are shows, hopefully you have a firestick. If not you may try to look up on demand
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