I don't get the hype on this guy

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I don't get the hype on this guy

Postby DeadRinger » Tue Sep 13, 2022 5:52 am

Trevon Moehrig.

Explain it to me.

When I look for great players, I look for... playmakers.

I can't remember EVER seeing this kid make a play. not ever. Not an INT, not a FF, not a sack, not a TFL, not even a motherfucking PD. NOTHING from this kid that I can recall.

Now that's not saying that he doesn't have any of these things. Like, I'm sure he has one or 2 PDs in his life, without bothering to look that shit up.

And I KNOW he has plenty of tackles, but THAT is not making plays. That's just bare minimum doing your fucking job.

To me, Moehrig is part of on of the most anemic backfields I've ever watched from the Raiders. It's basically an automatic 120 passer rating for the opposition. As long as their OL can keep a little heat off the QB, opposing teams just pick us the fuck apart like there's NOBODY OUT THERE. Seriously, does anyone else feel like we have NOBODY around the ball EVER?

And that fucking includes golden boy Moehrig. Fuck him, we should have ditched him and brought in the honey badger.
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BETTER be a playoff win in 2022.

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