We restruvtured Kolton and Drake

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We restruvtured Kolton and Drake

Postby DeadRinger » Fri Mar 11, 2022 9:36 am

Cleared another $14.5M.

Also cutting Littleton post June 1.

We're going to have like $50M to play with when it's all over.

They must have their eye on some big fish.

Of course, Mad Maxx is going to be making $25M/yr, so there's that.

And we can tack on another $15M to what Carr was going to make. But his new deal COULD actually reduce his cap hit for this season.

They also need to take care of either Renfrow or Waller, one or the other this year. I say it's Renfrow, he's ion a cheap ass rookie deal he has massively outplayed. At least Waller is making something like $8M. And he was MIA last season and IMO looked seriously disinterested, so I might actually be looking at letting him play out his contract and letting him walk at the age of 31.Maybe just add some incentives to his deal this season and let it roll.
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BETTER be a playoff win in 2022.

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