How bad was Carr vs Giants?

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How bad was Carr vs Giants?

Postby DeadRinger » Mon Nov 08, 2021 11:03 am

I mentioned Carr's problems in the red zone. Well, this was his worst game in that category by far this season.

We had SIX trips to the red zone. Now usually if your teams makes it to the red zone six times you have a really good chance of winning. Why?

In six red zone trips, you have a GOOD opportunity to score 42 fucking points. Yes, FORTY-TWO fucking points!

On 6 trips to the red zone we scored precisely 16 points.

NYG 2 SUCCEED Carr pass TD to Renfrow
NYG 6 FAIL Carr pass inc FG
NYG 14 FAIL Carr pass inc FG
NYG 7 FAIL Carr pass inc FG
NYG 7 FAIL Carr pass Missed FG
NYG 13 FAIL Strip Sack Lost fumble

WE ARE 27th IN THE LEAGUE IN RED ZONE CONVERSION RATE!! How the FUCK do we have a 5-3 record with play THAT shitty??

Want to know what we were ranked last season? 23rd!

And how the FUCK can we possibly be contemplating giving Carr a mega-deal with dog shit play like that?? Derek Carr CANNOT get it done in the red zone.

BEST in the red zone?

1. SF
2. SEA
3. PHI
These 3 teams just haven't been to the red zone much

4. BAL (6-2)
5. AZ (7-1)
6. NO (5-3)
7. TB (6-2)
8. CIN (5-4)
9. TEN (7-2)
10. MIN
11. LAR (7-2)
12. ATL (4-4, this team is coming on strong)
13. MIA
14. LAC (5-3)

Who is WORSE than us?

27. LVR
28. HOU (1-8)
29. CAR (4-5)
30. DET (0-8)
31. WAS (2-6)
32. NYG (3-6)

So we are in a class with the absolute worst teams in the league, and WE JUST LOST TO ONE OF THEM!!

So here's the deal guys, this team is not a contender. It's not a playoff team. Because our QB is not good enough.
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BETTER be a playoff win in 2022.

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