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Anyone catch GA/Clemson?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2021 2:04 pm
by DeadRinger
I’m a UGA fan and will tell you that NT Jordan Davis is an absolute monster. At the nose at about 340, he gets big - VERY big. He re-routes RBs at will, and about 3-4 times a game he’ll shoot a gap and either make the QB crap himself or crush him completely. Had at least 1 solo sack against Clemson this weekend and pressures all over the place.

And Clemson just could NOT run the ball. But I think he’ll be going way too early for us to get our hands on him.

I think UGA overall had something like 7 sacks or more this weekend. It was fucking insane. Clemson QB had no chance - not that the kid’s going to be very good when he DOES get a chance. He doesn’t see the field very well at all in my opinion. Of course, that could have been all due tot he fact that GA players were camping in his lap all game long.

UGA may have one of the best college defenses I’ve ever seen this season.