Looking @ Vic Beasley

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Looking @ Vic Beasley

Postby DeadRinger » Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:54 pm

Don't know if we'll wind up signing this kid, but IMO he's definitely worth a low- dollar flier.

I live in ATL and he was an absolute terror here one season. He was the talk of the town, then he fell off a cliff.

Looking at his stats, in 2016 he started 12 games and then in 2017 he only started 8. 7 of those were consecutive games right ion the middle of the season. I don't know what happened to create the drop-off.

So after 2016 - when Beasley went to the Pro Bowl and was also an All-Pro, he hasn't done anything too spectacular. Last seasons ATL played him at DE and he had 8 sacks in 15 starts. So he still has some ability, and maybe if we can get him in there with Maxx flying off the edge with him and some of our guys crushing the middle, he can do some damage.

He obviously is NOT a one-man wrecking crew. He needs guys around him in order to make things happen.

On one hand I think he could benefit from playing with some of our guys, but on the other hand I'm concerned about Guenther because he sucks ass at focusing on guys' strengths and putting them in positions to succeed. I mean, Guenther can DO it, but it seems to me he needs to work with a player for about 3 fuckin years before he figures it out.

So all of that said, my opinion is we should bring the kid in and see if he clicks with us. If not, fuck him, it's no big deal.
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