Jeff Heath, Ball-Hawker

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Jeff Heath, Ball-Hawker

Postby DeadRinger » Wed Nov 18, 2020 1:39 pm

So this dude has barely played and already has 3 INTs.

This is clearly a savvy veteran who's studying the hell out of the film and putting himself in position to steal the fuckin ball.

He mentioned in an interview that the coaches did a particularly good job last week of giving the DBs tips on the DEN offense - specific things to look for in certain formations, etc. And he said that's why he knew what was coming and could jump it. Imagine that - a savvy vet who's COACHABLE!

So, how long before they realize he should be starting over Harris??

Since Lamarcus Joyner is probably going to be out vs the Chiefs, Heath should get more PT in certain packages.

And we definitely need this savvy vet against Mahomes because lest we forget, Heath got his FIRST INT against KC. And like Pirate said, we really pissed them off last time we played them.
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