Raiders are beating winning football teams.

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Raiders are beating winning football teams.

Postby DeadRinger » Wed Nov 04, 2020 4:55 pm

CAR has lost 3 straight to go to 3-5, but they were 3-2 and looking relatively strong at one point. But that's a win against a loser.

Saints are 5-2.

Chiefs, of course, 7-1.

Browns now 5-3.

We've LOST against winning teams as well.

BUF is 6-2.

TB is 6-2.

What all this means is that we've only played against 2 losing teams all year long. The other 5 were all winners.

All tolled, the record of our opponents is 34-20. And a full half of those losses belong to the 2 losing teams we played.

Just looking at our games against winners, their record is 29-10

That's a tough, tough start to a schedule.
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