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Season Predictions

Postby DeadRinger » Thu Jun 03, 2021 7:30 am

Looking at the schedule, I'm going out on a limb early and, barring serious injury to Carr or Ngakoue or some other key player, of course, My season prediction:

10-7 or 11-6

We play well at the beginning of the season so I have us coming out of the gate 2-2 even though our first 4 games are bitches. I have us sweeping DEN, splitting with LAC and getting swept by KC.

I see us at 10-5 after the DEN game on Dec 26. We win that game after back-to-back losses to KC and CLE.

Then we have IND and LAC. IND has a strong D but I don't have much faith in Wentz and he doesn't have any weapons that scare me. I THINK we're going win that game but it's late in the season and we suck late in the season. So we could either go 1-1 or 0-2 in these last 2 games.

I'm not so sure this will be good enough to make the playoffs. I think Herbert and LAC are going to kill it this season and put up a better record than ours. My only hope is he hits a sophomore slump. And we can also hope KC comes in with a hangover from their SB loss and issues with their revamped OL.

Problem is, Joe Burrow could come in and have a breakout season and kick our asses, which throws a wrench into my calculations. But I'm not sure even he can win w that defense.

Hell, I don't even know who's playing QB for WAS. And that's a very bad thing.

I have NO RESPECT for the kid in PHI. They're making a big mistake relying on him as their starter.

Who the hell knows who we'll be facing in CHI? But they won't be able to stop us, we should roll them.

MIA gets payback for last season.

BAL first game out of the blocks, they get surprised by our explosiveness.
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