Raider fans, google ChargerTom..

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Raider fans, google ChargerTom..

Postby Forbiddenraider » Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:49 pm

This moron HAD to have gotten his ass beat at a game or something. He spends all his time ripping the Raiders & trying to make us all look like idiots. He photoshops Raider logos on gay rainbow flags, has jokes about Raider fans & the team & makes out of line comments about us all. This punk bitch has some balls saying we suck & we are gay, we don't wear powder blue jerseys with a cock on the helmet he does. This asshole fuckin pisses me off talking shit when his team has 0 superbowls & about 4 playoff wins in 60 fuckin years. Check out his Raider hater site & bombard this punk with emails telling him what u guys think of him. I know he's just a provoking pussy & he should be ignored but I can't. FUCK THIS COCKSUCKING BITCH!!! PUSSY!!
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