Looking more closely at Damon Arnette

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Looking more closely at Damon Arnette

Postby DeadRinger » Wed May 06, 2020 8:00 am

Reading an article on this dude. Some things of interest:

1. As Pro Football Focus saw it, Arnette started 38 games in his career at Ohio State and allowed just three touchdowns -- total -- never giving up more than one in any single season. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

2. He allowed 38 yards per attempt in man-to-man coverage, which led FBS. I don't think that stat is right, must be a type-o. Probably supposed to be 3.8 yds/attempt. Whatever the case may be, he led the FBS in yards per attempt against him when he was the primary defender.

3. He allowed a 37.9% completion rate as the primary defender, the lowest such rate in the Big Ten.

So this dude has been doing a great job in college.

Now, let's discuss my concerns. Because when I watch this kid's tape I'm SERIOUSLY concerned about the way he covers.

1. He plays with his back to the ball a LOT, many times never turning his head at all, just throwing his hands up hoping to deflect. That's a PI waiting to happen.

2. He's ALL OVER his guys, which is good to an extent. BUT, 1) he can be very grabby and 2) he likes to try to disrupt routes downfield by getting in the receiver's way, tripping them up, etc.

So I'm worried this kid is going to have to re-learn how to play CB at the next level, which is always a disaster waiting to happen. This is why he was not considered a day 1 pick, and why Okudah was considered to be so far ahead of him even though some would say Arnette's college play was as good as, or "better" than Okudah's.

Tell me where I'm wrong in this analysis.
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Re: Looking more closely at Damon Arnette

Postby piratepride » Wed May 06, 2020 9:53 am

Arnett has awesome numbers! I don't think any fan in the NFL knew what a pass interference call looked like all season let alone the refs!
I watched several games where even the commentators got it wrong and several where the supporting telecast referee had to correct them while on air. They change the rules every freakin year it seems.
Last year I heard the head league ref who sits in on Fox games say the defender doesn't have to turn his head around so long as he's not interfering with the receiver, but simply in his way.
In years prior it was always known as the defender had to simply tyrn his head around. This is why our DB's always drove us nuts...... turn your freakin head around dip shit lol.

That said Dead, your right, our corners habe been flagged for anything and everything. If Arnett plays aggressive he'll need to be taught how to get away with certain things. If not he'll have a short career unfortunately. This is why I loved Mullen's game so much, he was often in a better position to come away with the pick then the receiver. Tough to call PI when the corner makes a pick 6.
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