The upshot of FA

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The upshot of FA

Postby DeadRinger » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:46 pm

I think we can safely say that with the signings of trash like O-Leary and that POS RB, FA is effectively over for us. They spent a ton of cap money, but it doesn't feel like we got $50M worth of talent, does it?

So with FA in the rear view, our needs have shifted a little bit i think, and in many ways remained the same. New needs in order of importance, in my opinion. These are our ABSOLUTE, burning needs, that we cannot do without. The list includes 5 players, 3 of which need to be 1st-year starters.

We also need some players to come in and compete for 2nd string at S and G/C.

1. WR ----------------------
++- We need TWO more guys in the draft. One with our #12 and another in rd 3.
++- We tendered Keelan Doss, but he's like our last option.
++- Agholor is dirt cheap on a 1-yr, $1M deal. The problem is it's guaranteed, so he's going to be on the roster. But until further notice, this guy's a #4 receiver.
++- T. Williams is back, but who knows what the plantar fascitis will be like? It could flare up in training camp and fuck up his whole season.
++- Renfrow is the best WR we have on our roster right now. We need to do much better than that.

This will wind up being:

Rookie | Williams | Renfrow | Agholor | Rookie | Doss/Ateman

2. CB ------------------------
++- This analysis doesn't include Joyner in the CB corps. Obviously he's used there at times, but last year KC exposed the defense when we used him there exclusively and it wasn't pretty. The guy's a fucking FS.
++- We need to get a 1st-yr starter out of the draft. Not necessarily a #1, but a starter. I think we might be looking at Fulton or maybe the Clemson kid with out #19 pick.
++- Re-signing Worley here would be VERY SMART.
++- Mullen came on strong late last year, we can only hope he comes on even stronger this season, our presumptive #1 guy.
++- Apple really is shit, a dud who regularly gets burned and who is REGULARLY in the top-3 most penalized corners, just loves to collect PIs. He should NOT be a #2 CB.
++- We brought Lawson back. He's a solid platoon-type guy, who could be pressed into a starting role if absolutely necessary.
++- We're going to expect Isaiah Johnson to step up big this season. Last year he was sidelined, this year he's going to get a lot of PT. The only question is whether or not he will step up and push his way into a starting role or be comfortable as a backup. I'd love to see him bump Apple down the depth chart.

This should be:

Mullen | Rookie | Lawson | Apple | Johnson | Nixon/Nelson

3. LB ------------------------
++- Because they fucked up and missed out on so many CBs in FA, we have a real problem because we need THREE day-1 starting players in this draft : WR, CB and LB.
++- We tendered zMorrow and we have Lee back, both of which are good things.
++- Right now we only have 4 LBs on the roster. So we need at least 2 in this draft.
++- If we get a CB in rd 1, we need to work some kind of magic to pick up a starting-caliber LB in either rd 2 or rd 3.

This should be:

Littleton | Kwiatkoski | Rookie | Lee | Morrow | Rookie
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