DE: Losing a lot of UFAs

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DE: Losing a lot of UFAs

Postby DeadRinger » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:24 am

So we signed a bunch of stop-gap guys who actually contributed, especially on the DL, to 1-yr deals.

Heading to UFA:

Mayowa - 7 sacks
Mauro - Serious against the run
Dion Jordan - Late signing - only 7 games, no starts but still 2 sacks and was disruptive for us

That leaves us with precisely Ferrell/Crosby/Key at DE going into 2020.

We need to TRY to re-up with Mayowa. He'll only be 29 next season, and he was a highly active guy for us. He played less and less as the season went on because Crosby became such a beast, so he may not want to re-sign w us. He may be looking for a starting role, and I'm sure there's a team out there who will give him a shot at one. With 7 sacks, he may also price himself out of back-up money. And he should.

But having a healthy pass rush DE combo of Ferrell/Crosby/Key/Mayowa would be really good for us, and we could add to that by bringing on a couple hair-on-fire OLBs who can get to the QB. With the ability to also send Abram at times... GOD, I hope that kid stays healthy.

Mauro's one of the strongest DEs I've seen - talk about an ANCHOR. He's a really good guy to have in a DE rotation IMO, and big enough to move inside at times.
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Re: DE: Losing a lot of UFAs

Postby piratepride » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:17 pm

I liked Mauro too, he always snuffed out the QB rollouts. Not sure how I feel about Arden Key, he just doesn't put on good weight. He's got talent, but maybe he doesn't like working out?
The more I think about it I'm thinking the team goes defense at #12 unless Juedy is sitting there.
Guys like Kinlaw, Simmons, or even Okudah if he falls.
I keep seeing the DT Brown go to the Panthers, but his film looks like shit. Reminds me of when all the so called experts had us drafting Sherriff Floyd a few years back. I didn't understand his hype at all!
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