What a joke: NFL picking TWELVE all-time RBs

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What a joke: NFL picking TWELVE all-time RBs

Postby DeadRinger » Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:22 am

They're putting together this "all-time team" and they're picking 12 RBs. WTF kind of team ever had 12 RBs?

It's actually not easy to pick 12 RBs to go on that team because you're going to wind up sending people who don't deserve to be there.

Too stupid.

You've got the definites:

Jim Brown
Earl Campbell
Emmitt Smith
Walter Payton
Marcus Allen
Barry Sanders

Then I don't necessarily have a problem throwing in these guys. All elite players but they're open to debate:

Eric Dickerson
Franco Harris
Marshall Faulk
Ladanian Tomlinson (I think people tend to forget how dominant this cat was but it's hard for a Raiders fan to ever forget)

That's 10. Who do you wrap it up with? Dorsett? Bettis? Simpson? Sayers? One of the old-timers? All those guys are questionable.
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