PFT ranks us #2 behind GB - What I learned

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PFT ranks us #2 behind GB - What I learned

Postby DeadRinger » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:19 pm

OK, yeah we had a solid showing against TEN, and we were never behind in the game. Carr is truly top-5 QB now, elite. Period. And if Brees and Brady can't pick up their games, he could be a top-3 QB. And for fuck's sake, Coop looks like a killer out there. Brute force was never his game. Lynch looks like he has plenty left. But our vaunted OL allowed 2 sacks on Carr. And we only sacked Mariota once all game long and no INTs, and between Mack, Irvin, Edwards and Vanderdoes, we should have done better than that. Having said that, their two OTs - Lewan and Conklin - just might be the best OT pair in the league.

Discussion about us being in the top 5 is warranted. HOWEVER, how in the FUCK do they put us #2 over the Chiefs??? Maybe, possibly because Berry is out for the season? I don't know man, Reid's team looks dominant in all phases.

AND I look at the following teams and I think they're in contention for the #3 spot as well:

Vikings - The throws I saw Bradford make were fucking insane. Can't be done. And yet they were done. Stephon Diggs looks like he's here to fuck up the entire league. Dalvin Cook w 137 yds rushing. And the defense is as solid as they come. By my count MIN left 5 points on the table - settles for a FG when Bradford could have easily run it in for a TD, and missed an XP. So, MIN performance was even more dominant than it looks on paper. These guys would absolutely destroy our defense.

Eagles - Wentz is unquestionably the real deal. And that defense ripped the Skins' throat right out.

Cowboys - NYG OL no doubt is shitty, but I still didn't expect the DAL D to contain them as well as they did. Giants need a RB big-time. And hanging 19 pts on that ferocious NY defense is a solid outing. If they can keep Zeke from getting suspended they're a real force because they were converting on 3rd down like crazy. If he's suspended, they'll just throw in Alfred Morris and he'll pick up where Elliott left off.

Honorable mention to BAL, who destroyed CIN basically with nothing but defense. If they can manage to get a better run game going they can do some damage.
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Re: PFT ranks us #2 behind GB - What I learned

Postby FreddieB25 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:17 pm

Steelers will be tough as they always are and New England and Houston's losses were anomalies. Houston, if they can get some QB production will be tough to beat. KC was impressive last week but I don't trust Alex Smith to get them over the hump. They do have some speed on offense though. Cook and Lynch were nice additions for us as we can score on anybody at any time. Should be an interesting season.
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