FINALLY! We extend Rodney Hudson!

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FINALLY! We extend Rodney Hudson!

Postby DeadRinger » Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:57 pm

Mike Mayock knows wtf he’s doing. In fact, I think he reads my posts on this forum.

Seriously, this dude does all the RIGHT shit that fucking Reggie flat out ignored like it was nothing.

I bet if we had Mayock at the time, Khalil Mack would still be a Raider.

Anyway, we have arguably the best, or at the very least one of the top 3 Centers in the league locked up for a few more. Way to take care of business, Mike!

THIS is the kind of shit I LOVE to see! So why the fuck do I get SO damn geeked up about shit like this? Because it’s a GREAT indication that our front office - Mayock - makes great decisions! It’s a GREAT sign of good things to come, and makes me really hopeful for our future. The more great decisions Mike Mayock makes, the better chance we have of making a run at the fuckin hardware.

Raiders, baby!!
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Re: FINALLY! We extend Rodney Hudson!

Postby FreddieB25 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:21 pm

Logical signing. Hudson been our best linemen since he's been here and our center. A great Reggie FA signing. One of the few. Need continuity on the line, anchor of the roster. Nothing unique about this news. Hopefully Kolton Miller steps it up, need him to shine or he can be another bust
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