Who's idea was it to trade Mack?

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Re: Who's idea was it to trade Mack?

Postby DeadRinger » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:36 am

Forbiddenraider wrote:Yeah now REggie playing the role of the victim in all this. Poor black REggie thrown out by the white man Gruden. By cutting 53% of Reggie’s roster, cutting all his draft picks, it’s a simple message that REggie has to perform too.If you suck at your job you are fired. Reggie sucks at his job. There’s six years of evidence of that. So now Gruden is trying to clean up Reggie’s mess. It will be as exciting as a playoff win for me when I hear that REggie has been fired, hung, shot, beheaded, burned at the stake, drowned, suffocated, or dropped in a vat of acid.

I agree. All these articles say "Gruden has divided the front office..."

NO he didn't. Gruden is running the show now that he has figured out Reggie is dumb as a door nail. The people in the front office who don't like that will be gone VERY soon. That's the reality here.

So yeah, OF COURSE Gruden has surrounded himself with his own guys who understand what he's trying to do. THAT'S WHAT LEADERS DO WHEN THEY GET INTO NEW ROLES. This is no fucking scandal, this is a typical business org transition. Happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME in real life.

Look, I watched Gruden's demeanor change as OTAs and training camp went on. He went from being excited as hell and upbeat to disgusted and dejected because he finally got a chance to see what these fucking losers were capable of. And he didn't like it at all. And it pissed him the fuck off.

I know exactly what happened because I've seen this kind of shit in the real world. And here it is:

Gruden never wanted to blow up the roster. His spirits were fucking sky-high before he got these fuckers onto the practice field. You can go look up some chronological videos of him on YouTube and watch the transition.

Gruden slowly came to the conclusion that he had to cut bait on a bunch of Reggie's guys.

He was fucking PISSED because of course it was after the draft, and after the FA frenzy and there was very fucking little he could do to adequately fill in the gaps.

That's how this shit went down. This season is on Reggie. I've already said I give Gruden a pass. He should NEVER have allowed Reggie to stay, but he felt like he needed help in the first season from someone who knew the roster and he really didn't know just how bad Reggie was because there are too many fucking IDIOTS out there who still sing his praises.

Now Gruden knows the score, and he knows what he needs to do. Next season is all him.
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Re: Who's idea was it to trade Mack?

Postby FreddieB25 » Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:34 pm

Even though I don't like either guys attitude. But we do miss Crabtree and Marquette King. I know they aren't Gruden type guys but they served a purpose.
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