Good Night!!’

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Good Night!!’

Postby PHXR8R » Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:38 pm

I’m out Nation!!! The Pasties are done. Giselle should take Brady’s ass to the cleaners. Fuck Robert Kraft and that shithole organization that harbored and resigned Aaron Hernandez knowing he was a punk and threatened to kill Wes Welker for telling him to get in the film room. Fuck those annoying ass Masshole fans! Bellicheat ain’t the best ever, Carrol is a dumb ass and gave him a ring. Kyle Shannahan called a limp dick 2nd half and choked off the largest lead in SB history, and he just got FUCKING HISTORICALLY TORCHED by NICK FUCKING FOLES!!! A BACK UP JOURNEYMAN!!! Thank you GOD!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! YOU HEARD ME!!!
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