Top 10 plays from Cooper in 2015

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Top 10 plays from Cooper in 2015

Postby DeadRinger » Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:59 pm

There are several here that show the speed everyone thought he didn't have then a few more that show him winning on jump balls. The #1 shows the ankle-breaking moves this kid has at his disposal. A really good set of plays.

I was struck by 4 things:

First, this kid manages to get WIDE open a lot even though we know the secondary is keying on him.

Second, his speed is serious. This is no Fitzgerald-type receiver. He can break it.

Third, the route-running, man!! It's no wonder he's wide open a lot. He uses stutter steps, lightning-quick cuts, and has a real knack for using his hands just a little bit and not getting called.

Fourth, where he IS like Fitz is his body control. He knows how to block defenders out of the play.

This dude is an all-around badass. We have our next (slightly bigger and stronger) Tim Brown. Carr-to-Cooper could easily become more explosive and more prolific than Gannon-to-Brown. ... wsrc%5Etfw
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